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SELECTiQ Solid State Q-Relay (iQBA1)

SELECTiQ Solid State Q-Relay (iQBA1)

The SELECTiQ series is the world's first fully digital Q-style signalling relay for the rail industry, developed by the Selectrail team in Australia.

Selectrail's innovative technology combines the function of traditional Q-signalling relays with 100% solid-state technology enhancements, improving reliability, performance and functionality over its electromechanical predecessors.


  • Over 20x Longer Life Expectancy (compared to traditional relays)
  • Completely backward and upward compatible with existing electromechanical relays and Q-relay plugboards. Just plug it in. No pretesting is required as our SELECTiQ relay tests itself and will shut down safely if it detects a fault.
  • Consistent output and operation over its lifespan:
    Our rigorous in-house testing has proven up to 20,000,000 cycles without failure
  • ZERO maintenance:
    This unit requires no hard wiring changes, no customer testing, no batteries, or additional power supply (only coil supply as with traditional Q-style relays). A visual LED indicator has been added to the unit to provide confirmation that it is switched on, operational, not in fault state and "latched"

iQBA1 Technical Features: Download Datasheet

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