Solid State Q Relays – SELECTiQ

Solid State Q Relays – SELECTiQ

Introducing increased safety, reliability and time saving all in one newly engineered breakthrough, the SELECTiQ.

Q Series relays - SELECTiQ is the world’s first digital signalling relay, developed by the Selectrail team in Australia.

Selectrail continue to push the boundaries of rail engineering: developing, designing and bringing SELECTiQ, a digital signalling relay to the Australian and international markets.

This world leading innovation combines traditional Q-signalling technology with digital confidence, bringing an improved signalling relay to the market.

“Selectrail continually innovate to evolve our product offerings, and we are very proud of the new SELECTiQ. Our team have worked tirelessly to bring this new innovation to the rail industry, focusing on user safety,” said Michael Strike, Managing Director of Selectrail.

“Our philosophy has always been to provide the safest technology to the market, and in order to continue delivering safety assurance, we have developed the safest signalling relay on the market yet,” he said.

The SELECTiQ delivers the best equipment technology in the field and complies with state of the art safety requirements. Replacing the traditional electromechanical systems used in existing technology, the SELECTiQ utilises a digital system and is therefore able to run for longer, more accurately and consistently.

The SELECTiQ doesn’t just stop there. The digital system is able to be closely monitored and therefore runs at increased efficiency. Also with a longer lifespan, the SELECTiQ requires less maintenance. Unlike traditional electromechanical relays, no cleaning of contacts is required – EVER!

“Safety is of paramount importance to us, therefore a large amount of research is conducted by the Selectrail team to ensure the products we provide adhere to the company’s stringent safety standards,” said Michael.

The SELECTiQ signaling relay is of the highest quality, ensured by Selectrail’s famous 100% test and inspection regime conducted at the purpose built testing facility in Melbourne.

For more information please contact:

Selectrail (Australia) Pty Ltd

+61 (0)3 9335 0600

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Can you please provide information on SEL current relays as well as normal( q relays)


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