New Product Release: SELECTiQ iQSELECT2 Solid State Time Delay Relay

New Product Release: SELECTiQ iQSELECT2 Solid State Time Delay Relay

After the successful development and launch of our iQBA1iQN1 and iQNA1 relays, the Selectrail team have been working diligently on converting existing analogue signalling relays to the SELECTiQ Solid State Q Relay Series.

We are pleased to announce a further expansion to the existing range with time delay iQSELECT2 which is available now for ordering. Download the data sheet for this product here or view our full SELECTiQ catalogue here.

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“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Selectrail, and we are proud of our team's efforts to continue expanding on the SELECTiQ offering." said Michael Strike, Managing Director of Selectrail.

“The ease of using our new time delay iQSELECT2 relays as a drop-in replacement to pre-existing time delay SELECT-2 Q-relays is a game changer. It's ready to relay from the moment it is plugged in and requires no customer testing with zero ongoing maintenance."

The SELECTiQ Solid State Q Relay Series is the world's first fully digital signalling relay for the railway industry, and pushes the boundaries of rail engineering. The use of 100% solid state technology enhances traditional Q-signalling technology to deliver a relay that works better, harder and longer than any of its electromechanical predecessors. Internal testing already has these units operating up to 20 million cycles, with that number continuing to climb in real-time as part of Selectrail's rigorous product testing. 

If you are interested in viewing our relays in person, Selectrail will be debuting our new release iQSELECT2 Time Delay Relay and our full SELECTiQ range at AusRAIL PLUS 2023 and IRSE Aspect 2023 this month.

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